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Nazir Associates Ltd, trading as Nazir Consulting Group (NCG), was established by Dr Mohammad Nazir OBE in 1992 to support Private, Public and Third sector organisation strategic development aspirations. NCG's reputation has been built on providing unique leading edge strategies and technologies to deliver smart and innovative solutions to effectively equip clients for future challenges in the fast paced knowledge economy. With extensive and long-standing experience of creating tailor-made improvement solutions to suit the individual needs of each organisation, clients have celebrated the successes seen in their return on investment and in their sustained growth.

NCG works effortlessly to develop today's organisations so that they can capitalise on future global market opportunities arising from globalisation, the transformation of industries, the adoption of cutting edge technologies, digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and diversity of markets as well as the ever-changing customer needs.

NCG’s focus has always been on assisting organisations with continuous improvement and sustained growth in the face of tough competition and economic downturns and upturns. Amongst other solutions, sustained growth and competitiveness is broadly achieved by encouraging clients to embrace the knowledge economy, by enhancing skills through workforce talent development, improving leadership competencies, creating cultures that embrace change both in new technology and in new markets, as well as nurturing a culture of SMART organisations offering service excellence!


The continued success of NCG has largely been due to its digital technology partner companies, the highly experienced and dedicated team of expert advisors/consultants who are passionate about helping organisations succeed.  


NCG has recently launched Aspiring Youth Academy (AYA), which works with schools, to develop entrepreneurial aspirations and skills amongst the youth preparing them to become tomorrow's civic leaders and successful businesspeople.

                                                                    NCG Powered by Intellect, Driven by Ethical Values​

NCG- investing in PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGIES to create Better Business, Better Governments and Better Communities.

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