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NCG offers a wide range of leading edge business critical solutions with a particular focus on business strategy at the heart of which is digital technology, Big Data and AI.


Digital Technology is critical to achieving  competitive advantage in a fast paced technological business world. 



Business Critical Services


Private Sector


Organisational Planning for Growth

Business Transformation and change

Building Successful Brands

Marketing & Communications

New Product Development and innovation

Internal Systems and policies

Procurement: Ingredients, Products, Specialised Plant and Machinery

Business Acquisitions (and commercial real estate)

International Trade Development 

Technology Startup Business  Coaching

Digital Technology 

Enterprise Software Development

Business Critical Applications 

Big Data and AI

Web Based applications

Mobile Apps

Bespoke CRM

Internet of Things (IoT)



Equity Finance

Equity Investment

Halal Investment


Business Coaching

Leadership Development

Public Sector 

Research and Public Consultations

Economy and Business Growth

Policy Reviews and Reports

New Strategy Development

Communications Strategy 

Social Cohesion

Services Penetration to target groups

Technology Procurement

4 play technology for 

improving quality of life of citizens- fully 

integrated services


Third Sector

Fund Raising

Member Coaching, leadership and effectiveness of boards

Commercialisation of Product or Services

Communication Strategy and out-reach


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