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Unicorn businesses (Mobile and Health)

Technology Business Startups

Introducing New Global Brands

Clean Energy, off grid energy for rural communities

Developing UK first Ethic Food Mega retail Chain 

Setting up food manufacturing plants(Halal)

NPD for the specialty Markets

Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

Business Acquisitions 

Private Equity Finance for cutting edge technology

Supply Chain Development

New Cheese Factory Diversification and Growth

Mega wheat storage handling solutions

Sales and Marketing

Exports to ME and Asia

Numerous Research projects with consumers, suppliers and manufacturers 

Developing Halal Businesses

Islamic Finance


Nurturing Youth Entrepreneurship

Supply Chain Development for Sovereign Fund

International Investment for Economic Growth

Strategic Investments

Islamic Finance Development

Halal Industry Development

Economic Adviser on the Council of Economic Economic Advisers 

Business Startup Support

Intoruding ICT to businesses

UK Trade and Investment board to boost bi-trade 

Finance Strategy for Inclusion

Innovation Support to Micro Business

Third Sector

Charity Commissions and Related Support

Organisational Development to Support Local Communities

Team Building

Commercialisation (income generation and self-reliance) in a good sense


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